About Us

InvisiTights - "I love my legs". 

We promise: warm legs, perfect fit, stylish appearance. 

We are InvisiTights. A young company that has made it its mission to offer the perfect tights for the cold seasons. 

Normal tights, anyone can do that, but tights that are comfortably warm and at the same time have a transparency that underlines YOUR legs with a naturally beautiful look, only our InvisiTights can do that. 

Our tights combine aesthetics with functionality and innovation. 

Choosing the right tights depends on many factors, especially on cold winter days. The most important question: how much DEN can it be? The higher the specified DEN value, the denser the stitches are woven and the less transparent the tights are. The result: thick tights that keep you warm, but are also extremely bulky and deprive your outfit of the necessary elegance and sense of style. 

Our solution: warm & transparent. 

Tights with a thickness of 50 DEN, but with a transparent 15-20 DEN look. How? Thanks to the skin-colored fleece interior and the special knitting technique, the InvisiTights look like 20 DEN tights, but are much warmer. Additional features of the tights are the unsurpassed fit and the outstanding yarn qualities. 

Now you too can shine with self-confident femininity, unmistakable elegance and stylish sexiness. 

Our guarantee 

It is very important to us that you feel really comfortable with us and are always satisfied with our high efficiency and quality of work. For this reason, we rely on active customer contact and constantly strive to solve all complications and difficulties in personal contact with you. With us you will enjoy an exceptionally good purchasing experience and we want to welcome you as a returning, happy customer. 

Your InvisiTights team